Ladies Hairdressing Course Cape Town - Ladies Hairdressing Course Testimonials
2012 Students

Gaynor Philander
One of my highlights as a student at Partners Hair Design Training Academy, was being taught by the most hardworking, dedicated and inspirational teachers, Marion Counsell and Lewis Thomas. We learned everything from life skills, handling clients and structures of hair. Once a week we were also sent to the salons to cover the practical side, which gave us invaluable hands on experience and confidence.

Lee-Ann Maart
Being at the academy made me realise that doing hair is not something I just like, it is my passion. I never knew that I would be capable of doing all the things I am able to do now. On more than one occasion, I also had the privilege of working with Lewis Thomas and the creative team, which allowed me to grow even more.

Sabrine Kent
From 2012 I was the first student to be accepted into Partners Hair Design Training Academy. Studying full time Theory and practical for a year , second year full time in the salon and now spending my third year in the salon. I loved the academy as it is surrounded by green trees and feels more like a home, not a college. I knew absolutely nothing about hair, not even knowing how to hold a hair dryer without burning some ones scalp and shampooing someone's hair without getting them soaked from head to toe for example. As a student I learnt alot from Marion Counsell, my Lecture as she had all the patients for me and I worked hard to be where I am now, which is a full time employer at Partners Hair Design Salon in Bayside. I absolutely love my job and get to meet so many interesting people.I wish to thank Lewis Thomas for the opportunity that he has given me. Everyday is always a Hairy one but you sure to have a good Hair day with us.

2013 Students

Nicole Snowball
As a part-time student at Partners Hair Design Training Academy (PHDTA) I have had the privilege to enjoy on the job training coupled with a solid and thorough theoretical education. The college is a wonderful environment to be in. Both because of the convenient and professional course delivery and because of the passion for hair that the staff instil in us learners. I feel that over the past year I have been encouraged to grow and develop in the salon and at the academy and I can highly recommend the part-time course for those who need to work but also want a professional qualification.

Lucienne Ward
My experience at Partners Hair Design Training Academy was phenomenal! I went there not knowing what challenges and experiences to expect. As a full time student, hairdressing had now become my full time passion. The academy felt more like a home to me. Being at college wasn't just about learning to become a hairdresser, but also helped me to deal with different personalities and cultures.

The best part of my year was getting exposure to the different product houses and the on going training is both excellent and exciting.

I am now a full time employee at Partners Hair Design- Tokai branch. Words cannot describe how happy I am to be there.

A big thank you to Marion Counsell and Lewis Thomas for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Jessica Halvorsen
Partners Hair design training academy has exceeded all my expectations. As a learner I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience in a short amount of time and have appreciated the expertise and professionalism with which learning and hands on working has been provided to me. The learning environment is made for everyone who wants to learn and the lecturer's are professional and understanding. Everything about this college makes you more and more excited to just be the hairdresser you always wanted to be. "Remember your career will never wake up and tell you it doesn't love you anymore."